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EU global strategy and human security : rethinking approaches to conflict

Kaldor, Mary (1946-...) ; Rangelov, Iavor (1977-...) ; Selchow, Sabine ; 2018

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  • Titre:
    EU global strategy and human security : rethinking approaches to conflict
  • Auteur: Kaldor, Mary (1946-...) ;
    Rangelov, Iavor (1977-...) ;
    Selchow, Sabine
  • Sujets: Sécurité nationale -- Pays de l'Union européenne ;
    Sécurité humaine ;
    Sécurité internationale ;
    Security, International -- European Union countries ;
    Human security -- European Union countries ;
    National security -- European Union countries ;
    Pays de l'Union européenne -- Relations extérieures ;
    European Union countries -- Foreign relations
  • Identifiant: ISBN 978-1-138-09896-1 ;ISBN 1-138-09896-5 ; PPN227465903 ; 000471298
  • Titres liés: Collection :Routledge studies in human security
  • Date de publication: 2018
  • Éditeur: London etc. : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
  • Format: 1 vol. (XI-233 p.) : ill., graph. ; 24 cm
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Note(s): Introduction / Mary Kaldor, Iavor Rangelov and Sabine Selchow
    Part I. Background
    1.Assessing Mogherini's "The European Union in a changing global environment" from within a "reflexive modern" world / Sabine Selchow
    Part II. Conflicts
    2. Review of the EU policy for Ukraine / Tymofiy Mylovanov, Yuriy Zhukov and Yuriy Gorodnichenko
    3. EU in the Western Balkans : hybrid development, hybrid security and hybrid justice / Vesna Bojicic-Dzelilovic, Denisa Kostovicova and Elisa Randazzo
    4. EU Syria engagement from a human security perspective / Rim Turkmani
    5. EU policies in the DR Congo : misaligned ambitions / Valerie Arnould and Koen Vlassenroot
    6. A human security strategy for the European Union in the Horn of Africa / Alex de Waal and Rachel Ibreck
    Part III. Policy arenas
    7. Europe's failed "fight" against irregular migration / Ruben Andersson
    8. EU approaches to justice in conflict and transition / Iavor Rangelov, Marika Theros and Nataša Kandic
    9. Human security and sanctions, from security to governance : strengthening EU capacities and involving the locals / Francesco Giumelli
    10. Cybersecurity : a case for a European approach / Genevieve Schmeder and Emmanuel Darmois
    11. Private partnerships, public peace : the role of the private sector in second generation human security / Mary Martin
    Conclusion. The EU global strategy and contemporary conflicts : how much second generation human security is possible ? / Mary Kaldor and Sabine Selchow
    Appendix. From hybrid peace to human security : rethinking EU strategy towards conflict : the Berlin report of the Human Security Study Group
  • Autre(s) titre(s): European Union global strategy and human security
  • Collection: Routledge studies in human security edited by Mary Martin and Taylor Owen London [etc.] Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group 2012-
  • Source: Catalogue Cujas

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