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Making a 21st century constitution : playing fair in modern democracies

Vibert, Frank ; copyright 2018

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  • Titre:
    Making a 21st century constitution : playing fair in modern democracies
  • Auteur: Vibert, Frank
  • Sujets: Constitutional law ;
    Democracy ;
    Droit constitutionnel ;
  • Identifiant: ISBN 978-1-78811-804-0 ;ISBN 1-78811-804-9 ; PPN232556547 ; 000471257
  • Date de publication: copyright 2018
  • Éditeur: Cheltenham etc. : Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Format: 1 vol. (IX-322 p.) : ill. ; 25 cm
  • Langue: Anglais
  • Note(s): 1. Introduction
    2. Constitutions and democracy: the settingbPart I. Sources of constitutional obsolescence
    3. Obsolescence: the foundational
    4. Obsolescence: the canonical
    5. Obsolescence: the purposive
    6. Diversity and the challenge to established social practices
    Part II. Refining the challenges: motives and their expression
    7. Building blocks and the mix of motives
    8. The Material motive: problem management
    9. The emotive: togetherness and fairness
    10. The normative motivation: the role of politics
    Part III. Upgrading constitutional expression
    11. Constitutions and common knowledge of the new actors
    12. Hierarchy and political persuasion
    13. Qualitative rules and the transvaluational
    14. Missing actors in chains of intermediation
    15. Benchmarking: rights and normative choice
    16. Legitimacy: identification and consent
    17. Conclusions: upgrading constitutions
  • Autre(s) titre(s): Making a twenty-first century constitution
  • Source: Catalogue Cujas

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